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Make the SMART decision and pump up your staffing at outrageously low prices by tapping into our trained AI Chatbots – They are Subject Matter Experts! Save $1000s every month – and no vacations nor sick days!

Plus…Tap into our many business resources to save time, get more done, and automate your business today! 

Trained SMART(ER) AI Staff Member Details

What Makes Our AI Team Special

When you sign up to access one of our SMART(ER) AI staffing options, you immediately gain a level of expertise that would normally cost you much more in salaries, other compensation, and have fewer working hours on site by your team members.

With our SMART(ER) AI Staff, there are no vacations, no sick days, no sleep requirements, no lunch breaks…You get the idea! These staff members are there to help you get things done and in the most professional manner too!

The training that has been provided to each of the subject matter experts means that they are fully equipped and ready to support your business, no matter the model or niche that you may be developing.

There are a number of business tasks covered, pretty much everything that you have to get done on a daily basis. From copywriting, scriptwriting, marketing, content creation, SEO, graphics, and more, our SMART(ER) AI Staff team has you covered! 

But there is more available on our website than the AI Staff for you! We also have checklists, templates, planners, packs of email swipes, prompt engineering sets (yp help you get the most out of our AI Staff members!), and much much more!

Browse through the site, the shop, and posts and videos to see just how we can help you leverage what we have for your business! Our prices are WELL below competitors and truth be told NO ONE has incorporated training with the AI craze in the same manner as us. No brag, just fact! Check us out!

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Whether you need just one such SMART(ER) AI Staff member, or more (i.e. a package offer), we have you covered. Any configuration you need you can set up. We offer discounts for multiple SMART(ER) AI Staff member access.



Perhaps the best deals of all are ones we offer that combine the AI Staff with access to our SMART(ER) Business Academy (see htps://  There you can save massively over regular low prices. 


To get more details, check out our offer page for this package by clicking on the button below. You can save 90% or more off the separate prices we have for these two resources. This is likely the best deal we have ever launched for our loyal entrepreneurs! 


If you are ready to lock in the deal right now (before we come to our senses!) see the pricing table (below_ and click on the buy button for the plan that makes the most sense to you or click on the button below to learn more! 

Our Awesome Resources Shop For Your Business

Some Other Categories of SMART(ER) Support Resources We Offer...

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Business Checklists

We have 70 Volumes of business checklists, totaling well over 1000 checklists, covering every aspect of online business.

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Business Planners

Our business planners will help you stay on track. These cover daily, weekly, monthly & even quarterly goals, objectives, tasks, etc. 

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Social Media Kits

We offer 30-day social media kits to help you get more done faster. These can be adapted for many platforms.

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Business Templates

We have a variety of other templates and checklists, reports, and case studies that will help you work more efficiently.

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Marketing Planners

It can be difficult to keep track of the platforms, the content, and the message as you market your products and services, These planners help you do a better job of this.

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Content Planners

Our content planner can help you track focus, subjects, keywords, publication dates, and track results. Having a planner to document what is going on is essential!

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Email Swipe Files

It can be hard to create emails and campaigns for marketing and building relationships with subscribers. These files will help get you started.

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AI Prompt Kits

With the disruptive shift that AI and the impact it is having, it is essential to learn this new skill – writing effective prompts – these packages will help you get a fast start.

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Have A Look At The Many SMART(ER) Resources We Have For You (At A Discount!)...

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    Latest Membership Bundle Options for MASSIVE Savings (Note: These packages represent a 65% reduction in regular prices - BUT be on the lookout for even better offers we add from time to time)!

    SMART(ER) AI Staff/Biz Academy Full Access Monthly


    / Month

    Access 40 AI Staff Members and Get Full Access to All Courses in the SMART(ER) Business Academy.

    SMART(ER) AI Staff/Biz Academy Full Access Annual


    / Year

    Same Features As Monthly But MORE Rewards and Savings.

    SMART(ER) AI Staff/Biz Academy Annual (3-pay $140)


    / 3 Months

    A More Flexible Payment Option But Still Massive Savings…

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    Dave and the SMART(ER) Brand have helped me immensely with getting my business off the ground and becoming profitable. I am so excited that he is bringing the AI world into the brand tools and resources (and training) and I know it will help my operations. I strongly recommend Dave and all his products and services - I know based on past performance that they will deliver (or more likely overdeliver)!
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